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If you’re handy around the home, it can be tempting to try tackling plumbing problems without the help of a professional. However, plumbing systems are complex and require experience and knowledge to repair; the fact that your plumbing supply pipes and drains are hidden from sight can further complicate attempts to diagnose problems or make repairs without the right tools or knowledge. While there are a few minor plumbing concerns you can address on your own, most plumbing repairs and services should always be performed by a professional to prevent larger or additional issues down the road.

Major plumbing repairs require the right equipment

Your plumber arrives at your home ready to work with a vehicle full of tools and parts. This is because many plumbing problems require specialized equipment to address—equipment you don’t have lying around your home, and in some cases may have significant difficulty purchasing. Even if you are able to obtain the right tools, your lack of knowledge and experience with the plumbing repairs needed can prolong the repair process, taking up valuable time and effort that affect your important daily schedule. Rather than trying to solve a problem without the right tool or part, it’s always best to contact your plumbing service to handle the job correctly using equipment that is suited for the issue at hand.

Inadequate repairs can cause further damage

Water has the ability to cause serious damage, regardless of whether it’s a slow leak or a major flood. This means that plumbing repairs must be completed promptly and properly the first time to avoid the potential for serious issues that could have been avoided in the future. Improper repairs have a high rate of failure and can lead to more extensive damage because they give you a false sense of security. If you feel confident that the repairs you’ve made are sufficient, you may not pick up on the signs of failure until it is much too late, leaving you with higher repair and replacement bills than if you’d called in a professional to handle the repair instead of attempting it yourself.

Home repairs will void your warranties

Warranties provide valuable protection against premature appliance and fixture failure, but this protection is limited by certain constraints. Attempting to repair a toilet, water heater, faucet, or other plumbing fixture that is still under warranty will void the warranty, which requires you to contact a professional plumber for repairs and maintenance with the proper parts to ensure these tasks are carried out correctly. Voiding your warranty diminishes the value of your purchase and could leave you responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacements in the future, whether they are associated with the problem you’ve attempted to fix or develop separately.

Our professional plumbers are dedicated to providing fast, friendly service that eliminates the stress, uncertainty, and inconvenience often associated with plumbing repairs. We pride ourselves on our customer service record and our open, honest approach to pricing and repair solutions. You can find out more about our Orem plumbing services on the web, or click on our additional blog articles for more helpful home plumbing tips, ideas, and information.

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