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Superior AC Service from Parley’s PPM Plumbing

Parley’s PPM Plumbing handles all your heating and cooling services, including ductwork, air filter, and humidification control installation, and regular maintenance. HVAC work requires experience and expertise. The technicians at Parley’s PPM Plumbing have both in spades. We’ve served the Orem, UT area for over 40 years, and we’re proud to deliver superior customer service during each call – no matter how big or small the problem is. We understand most of our clients aren’t HVAC experts, which is why we’ve compiled some of the most common issues we encounter.

My HVAC System is Broken? Is it Under Warranty?

Most air conditioners and furnaces come with a warranty. The question is whether the warranty is still active. Take a look at the outer surface of your unit. You should find a sticker with the exact manufacture date. Most furnaces and AC units under five-years-old have some warranty. However, to be sure, you should have one of the specialists at Parley’s PPM Plumbing run the AC unit through our system. We’ll be able to convey all the relevant warranty information. If it is no longer under warranty, our technicians can advise you whether AC repair or AC service is the best course of action.

My Air Conditioner is Noisy? What Can I Do?

To a certain extent, all air conditioners produce some degree of noise pollution. It isn’t possible to install an entirely quiet unit – because they don’t exist. However, if you’ve noticed increased volume or loud banging noises, then it could be a sign that something is amiss. Age, worn or broken parts, and other factors contribute to those sounds. Our specialists can get to the bottom of it. Here’s the silver lining: Modern air conditioners are much quieter than older ones. Before you choose a new air conditioner, compare online sound ratings to make the best decision for your household.

Why is Regular Maintenance So Important?

Do you ignore your 5,000-mile oil change? When the air pressure light is on, do you skip the gas station and not fill the tires? Of course not, just as automobiles need to be taken care of, so does your HVAC system. Regular maintenance is the oil change in the HVAC world. At Parley’s PPM Plumbing, we want to make sure your unit runs smoothly and remains energy-efficient throughout its lifespan. We offer precision tune-ups, in addition to regular AC service. These tune-ups go a step further and make sure everything runs as it should.

Why Should I Get a Precision Tune-Up?

Precision tune-ups are comprehensive evaluations of every aspect of your air conditioner. Our technicians come to your home and thoroughly inspect each element of the HVAC system. We clean and lubricate all parts – such as the compressor and fans – and run through a detailed, step-by-step process designed to ensure nothing is missed. Whatever needs to be replaced is replaced. Replacement costs are part of the precision tune-up rate, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. Through it all, our technicians are straightforward about what’s going on with your HVAC system and show respect for your personal property. Contact Parley’s PPM Plumbing today to schedule one of these all-important tune-up inspections.

What is that Popping Sound in My Ducts?

Most of the time, this phenomena is the result of a unit too small for the size of the home. Parley’s PPM Plumbing always makes sure to install air conditioners perfectly fit the size of your house, but other providers might not. Plus, if you’ve recently finished a home addition project, your air conditioner is now responsible for a larger space. This issue results in:

  • Excessive noise
  • High energy bills
  • Decreased air conditioner lifespan
  • Uneven cooling
  • Compressor damage
  • And more
Do I Need to Replace the Indoor with the Outdoor Unit?

Probably. If you’re working with Parley’s PPM Plumbing, then we’ll be sure to advise you on the best of course of action. However, replacing the indoor component along with the outdoor one is usually required because:

  • The two systems will not match, which could lead to inefficiencies and poor performance.
  • The outdoor unit is designed to work along with a corresponding indoor component. Without its sister, you will not experience all the benefits of the new outdoor unit.
  • The indoor unit is more than ten years. Air conditioners don’t last much longer than a decade. If you replaced the outdoor unit and the indoor one is eight years old, it makes sense to replace it.
  • You can take full advantage of a new warranty.
Why is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

A variety of factors causes this. More importantly, this is a circumstance requiring the attention of the trained professionals at Parley’s PPM Plumbing. Our specialists understand all the root causes of AC freezing and how to resolve the problem. We’ll check:

  • The refrigerant: Low refrigerant wreaks havoc on your air conditioning system. You mustn’t attempt to do this yourself. Coolant is dangerous when mishandled, so you’ll want to give us a call.
  • The evaporator coil: Dirty evaporator coils are frequent but also disruptive to your unit’s performance.
  • The blower motor or relay: If the motor or relay are not working at the proper speed, then you need to give us a call. This often causes the air conditioner to “freeze up.”
How Do I Choose an HVAC Filter?

They aren’t all the same, so don’t choose the first one you see. HVAC air filters serve an essential function and come in a variety of sizes. More importantly, some are better than others. It’s worth the extra money to install a high-quality product in your HVAC system. Keep an eye out for the product’s Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. You want to find one rated from 8 to 11.

What Are the Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Asthma and allergies are worsened by poor air quality. It’s in you and your family’s best interests to improve the air quality in your home. If you’ve noticed an increase in the sniffles, more coughing, and particularly bad allergy attacks – even while indoors – then your air quality may be harmful. Fortunately, Parley’s PPM Plumbing has the solution: High-quality air filters and brand-new, sophisticated air control systems. Even a new air conditioner can make a big difference in the quality of the air in your house. Give us a call, and we’ll get started today.

Do HVAC Units Create Unpleasant Odors?

Sometimes air fresheners, incense, and candles don’t cut it. Believe it or not, the quality of your HVAC system is tied directly to how your home smells. A heavy dose of incense can’t mask strange, foul, and unpleasant odors. Sometimes, the only recourse is to look at the air conditioner. There are numerous possibilities when considering the cause of persistent odors. Pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, cat saliva, and mold all naturally occur in homes. However, too much of them, and they can spread through the ductwork in your home. We can integrate germicidal UV lights throughout your home, which usually kill the odors and stop the growth of the culprits. We can also resolve ventilation issues by installing home comfort systems to do a better job of creating a home environment.

I Need a Humidifier. How Do I Choose the Right One?

Some homes are drier than others. The problem is, excessive dryness can make a house difficult to live in, making allergy and health symptoms worse. Fortunately, Parley’s PPM Plumbing’s local AC service offers humidifiers to restore comfort in homes throughout Orem, UT. There are two essential factors to consider when shopping for home humidifiers.

Size: Depending on how large your home is, Parley’s PPM Plumbing recommends a variety of humidifiers. We’re big believers in quality, so you can be sure what you’re getting will get the job done. We measure the capacity by gallons per day. One excellent method we use to help you select a humidifier is to multiply the total square footage in your home by the ceiling’s height. This data tells us the correct size for you and your family.

Cost: While the price of the unit itself is crucial, you also need to factor operating and maintenance costs into your budget, as a humidifier can’t just be installed and left alone. In addition to the cost of repairs, installing will add a new energy source into your home. It may be helpful to calculate how much a humidifier will add to your monthly energy bill before proceeding.

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