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We Offer Repair & Replacement for Broken Water Pipes

Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling provides broken pipes repair and replacement services for Utah County and Salt Lake County residents. If you’ve ever experienced a broken pipe, you’re well aware of the myriad of problems they can cause. Natural disasters and freezing temperatures can result in broken water pipes in your home or business. A broken drain pipe almost always results in water damage. Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes and can range from a minor problem to a gigantic mess. If you need to fix a broken pipe, rely on our highly-trained specialists to get the job done right.

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The Four Classes of Water Damage

Water damage is usually categorized into four different classes. Class one is light damage with easy clean-up. Class two involves more damage and usually entails damaged carpet and furniture, too. The clean-up process is not as easy. Class three damage typically means water is soaked into your furniture and walls. Clean-up with this type of damage is challenging. Class four damage usually means you have severe damage to your flooring. Even hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage here. Special water clean-up procedures are needed to remedy this extent of water damage in a home or business. When it comes to water damage, the solution is rarely easy, and the outcome could lead you to pay thousands of dollars you otherwise might not have had to. With the proper care and maintenance, your metal pipes can last a long time, but with age and wear and tear, your pipes are a ticking time bomb.

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The Signs of a Broken Water Pipe

Some signs that indicate a broken water pipe can be difficult to notice unless you’ve happened to experience a broken pipe before. If a water pipe breaks in your home or business, there will be clear signs, such as watermarks on the walls, puddles of water on the floors, and strange sounds when using a faucet. If you have a leak on your hands, the chances are high that you’ll end up with a broken pipe sooner than later. Some of the signs that indicate you may have a broken pipe include:

  • Visible water in unexpected areas
  • Low water pressure
  • Ceiling stains
  • Musty smells
  • Increased monthly water bill
  • Discolored water

What Can Cause a Broken Water Pipe?

A wide range of things can cause a broken water pipe. But you want to prevent them if at all possible. Not only can broken water pipes waste a substantial amount of money, but they can also cause water damage and many inconveniences. When you know what can cause a broken water pipe, though, you have a greater chance of being able to prevent it. The reasons a water pipe might burst include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Freezing – When water freezes, it expands. When expansion occurs inside pipes, the pressure built up might be too much to contain, and the pipes may burst. If a pipe bursts, turn off your water supply and let the pipes thaw to prevent further damage.
  • High Water Pressure – When water pressure is high, it can overwhelm piping and cause your water pipes to burst. If you suddenly experience high water pressure, turn off your water supply and call an emergency plumber as soon as possible.
  • Corrosion – Metal water pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion can weaken piping; lower the maximum pressure it can withstand. Corrosion can also clog piping, increasing water pressure. If you have a corroded pipe, replace it, so it doesn’t burst.
  • Ground Movements – If sudden or severe ground movements occur – such as shifts in soil or earth tremors – your buried piping can become damaged. Heavy rainfall can also cause the soil to shift and your piping to sink. These are natural events and cannot be prevented.
  • External Pressure – When external pressure occurs above where pipes are buried, damage to the pipes can occur. Causes of external pressure can include traffic, construction activities, and more. Preventing soil erosion and human activities above where pipes are buried can help.
  • Aging – Over time, your piping will age, and the material they are made from will deteriorate. Piping that has aged significantly will be weaker than piping that is new. The weakness in the old piping can expose it to damages it may not otherwise have endured.

We Can Replace Your Old Piping With PEX Piping

Older homes usually have galvanized pipes. At a time, these were all the rage. Over the decades, however, these pipes have proven to be a little less than perfect. They’re prone to water damage and can burst or leak more easily than other types of pipes. Copper pipes came out after galvanized pipes and were welcomed with equally open arms. They’re durable but also a somewhat soft metal. They seemed to be an excellent replacement for the older galvanized pipes. But copper comes with its own issues, like giving water a metallic taste and easily busting if water freezes in them. That’s why we highly recommend PEX piping. It’s a super durable plastic that’s highly flexible and easy to maintain.

Our Professionals Can Re-Pipe Your Utah Home

If you have a busted pipe or you just think it’s finally time to replace those old pipes, we have just the team to help you get your house in tip-top shape. Our experienced professionals have all the technical knowledge and skills needed to quickly and efficiently re-pipe your home so you can get back to your life. In fact, our team is large enough that we can re-pipe homes in just one day. We have a proven track record of excellent work. Reach out to us for information on re-piping your Utah home.

Contact Us Today for Broken Pipe Services

Are you experiencing a broken pipe in your Utah County or Salt Lake County home or business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling has provided broken pipe services for decades. We are equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to repair or replace broken pipes quickly and efficiently. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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