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Replace Broken Pipes with PEX Pipes From PPM Plumbing

Have you ever experienced a broken pipe? These can be caused by a myriad of problems like natural disasters or freezing temperatures. The one thing that does ring true about these types of breaks is that broken pipes almost always result in water damage. Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes and can range from a small problem to a gigantic mess. Water damage is usually categorized by four different classes. Class one is light damage with easy clean up, class two is more damage and means your carpets and furniture will be damaged and the cleaning up process is more complicated, class three damage typically means you have water soaked into your furniture and walls, and class four damage usually means you have damaged to your floors, even hardwood, etc., and you will most likely require very special (and a high probability of very expensive) water cleanup procedures. None of that sounds any fun, right?

When it comes to water damage, the solution is almost never easy, and the outcome could lead you to paying thousands of dollars you otherwise might not have had to. With the proper care and maintenance your metal pipes can last a rather long amount of time, but with age and wear and tear (something inescapable for pipes, of course) your pipes are likely a ticking time bomb.

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PEX Piping is a Great Solution

We’ve mentioned it before, but we think it bears repeating: PEX piping is a great solution. Older homes usually have galvanized pipes. At the time, these were all the rage. With the word “galvanized” in the name, it’s got to be good, right? While that’s partially true, over the decades they’ve proven to be a little less than perfect. They’re prone to water damage and can bust or leak. Copper pipes came out after galvanized pipes and were welcomed with equally open arms. They’re durable but also a somewhat soft metal. They seemed to be a great replacement for the old galvanized pipes. But copper comes with its issues too, like giving water a metallic taste and easily busting if water freezes in them. That’s why we highly recommend PEX piping because it’s a super durable plastic that’s very flexible and easy to maintain.

Repiping Your Home in Draper, UT

So, if you have a busted pipe or you just think it’s finally time to replace those old pipes, we have just the team to help you get your house in tip-top shape. Our team of experienced professionals have all the technical knowledge and skills needed to quickly and efficiently repipe your home so you can get back to your life. In fact, our team is large enough that we’re able to repipe homes in just one day. Yeah, literally one day. How’s that for speedy? That’s part of the reason we have a proven track record of excellent work.

Contact us for information on repiping your home today!

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