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The drains in your home have an important role to play in the overall function of your plumbing system. Each drain carries water away from a faucet or appliance, and every drain is connected to a single sewer line that transports all wastewater from your home to your municipal sewer. Even if you’ve focused on maintaining healthy home drains, there are certain factors that can affect the function of your sewer line and unique signs of a sewer line situation in progress that are important to recognize. While sewer line problems can occur at any time of year, summertime activities and environmental effects may increase your risk of a sewer line problem.

Tree Roots

The summer growing season can put your sewer line at risk as the trees and other plants in your yard send out roots in search of underground water and nutrients. When tree roots encounter your sewer line, they can break into the pipe and cause the contents to leak into your yard; once inside the pipe, the roots can also continue to grow along the length of the drain, forming an immovable living clog. The signs of a tree root problem affecting your sewer line can include changes in your lawn due to the effects of sewer line leakage, such as spongy areas, isolated patches of overgrowth, and a pervasive raw sewage smell. Inside your home, you may notice indications of a sewer line clog, such as poor drainage from several appliances or fixtures and sewage backups, particularly when using appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher, or toilet. If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to contact your Orem plumber for a sewer line evaluation—a simple camera inspection can quickly identify whether tree roots are causing the issue you’re experiencing, allowing your plumber to get to work removing the problem and repairing your damaged sewer line.

Overuse-Related Clogs

During the summer, home plumbing usage tends to increase due to a larger number of family members staying at home during the day and popular summertime activities such as parties and barbecues. This increase in home plumbing usage can in turn increase your risk for sewer line problems, as a higher volume of water flowing down your drains typically means a higher volume of debris, such as toilet paper, food scraps, soap scum, grease, and fat, as well. As more debris is washed down your drains, it can collect more quickly inside your sewer line, leading to a partial or complete blockage that causes backups, slow drainage throughout your home, and even a raw sewage smell when you walk by an open drain inside the house. Simple solutions such as plunging won’t improve drainage problems associated with a sewer line clog, meaning it’s time to call in your Orem plumbing service to inspect your drains and determine the best solution to the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Our plumbers in Utah understand the unique risks that the summer season poses to your plumbing system, including your drains, your appliances, and your sewer line. We can help with experienced professional plumbing solutions for your home, including sewer line camera inspections, sewer line repair, and sewer line cleaning to ensure every drain in your home offers reliable and healthy function. You can learn more about our Orem plumbing services when you visit our website, where you’ll also find additional plumbing and home comfort articles featured on our blog.

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