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Sewer Line Repair Services

If you’re having any trouble with your mainline sewer, need it inspected, or would like one installed, then Parley’s PPM Plumbing Heating & Cooling. While that word is thrown around a lot, not many people know necessarily exactly what it means. We can answer that question and more!

A mainline sewer is, of course, a sewer. What defines it is that it’s connected to your house by, you guessed it, a main line. This “line” goes from your home to, in most cases, the street where the sewer is. The line is buried underneath your home. That means if something busts, breaks, or worse, it can be very difficult to self-diagnose. If you think something might be amiss with your mainline sewer, you should immediately contact us. These kinds of issues are always better left to a professional, we promise.

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How Do I Know My Mainline Sewer is Clogged?

There are several different ways to know if your mainline sewer is clogged. Check out a few of the warning signs below. If you experience any of these, then we highly suggest contacting us for further assistance. We can help!

  • Your drains are clogged—Sure, clogged drains are a something that just happen in most households. From hair in a shower drain to your toddler flushing an action figure, these normal types of clogs are just a part of everyday life. However, if you notice that ALL or SEVERAL of your drains are clogged, that’s a different story. This means something is wrong.
  • Your toilets aren’t flushing—If you’re having issues with your toilets flushing and a good plunging doesn’t solve it, you probably have a larger issue at hand. One of the clearest signs there is a mainline sewer issue is if several or all your home’s toilets are experiencing the same issue.
  • Strange water backups—Are you noticing water bubbling up in your bathroom sink when the dishwasher was done with its cycle? How about a shower drain spitting up water? That means that water is trying to escape from a different appliance but can’t because of an issue. The water is trying to find a way out that’s different from the route it should be taking. This is another key indicator that there’s a mainline sewer issue.

What We Can Do For You

PPM Plumbing is a team of well-versed experts with over 38 years of experience. If you have a mainline sewer issue, we can help. We take a no-nonsense approach to making sure your household’s water and waste goes to the right place every time. Our incredible, certified professionals are confident they can get your home back in running order as quickly as possible.

Don’t have a line? We’ve got you! Not only do we repair mainline sewer issues, we also install them! We’re a one stop shop for all your mainline sewer needs!

Contact us for information on repiping your home today!

Let Us Give You a Hand!

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