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Quality Furnace Repair & Installations in Utah County & Draper, UT

When it comes to the cold weather season in Utah, we all know how frigid it can get. Without a functioning furnace, you not only lose comfort, but you also risk your family’s health. We offer convenient, effective and affordable furnace repairs and installations that can get the heat back on quickly and ensure you and your family feel comfortable in your home again. Our technicians have over 40 years of industry experience, and our staff is fully vetted and background checked for your peace of mind. We can accurately diagnose the issues with your furnace and offer cost-effective solutions. Call us today.


The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Many people mistakenly believe their furnaces need little to no care until something breaks. However, regular furnace maintenance is vital to keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. With routine furnace maintenance, you can see the benefits of:

  • Decreased Utility Bills—Your furnace will work more efficiently and use energy to operate.
  • Increase Equipment Life—Expert inspections and testing can ensure small problems are repaired before they become significant expenses.
  • Fewer Repairs—Ongoing care and maintenance can identify small issues early, which means fewer extensive repairs are needed.
  • Improved Safety and Capacity—With our servicing, your furnace will run optimally and efficiently. We can replace crucial parts, adjust your settings, inspect your heating units and ensure your heater is reliable for years to come.

We offer both one-time repairs and ongoing maintenance programs that will ensure your climate control system runs efficiently and effectively. Keep your home comfortable throughout the cold season for a very reasonable rate by contacting the furnace maintenance professionals at PPM Plumbing today.

Expert Furnace Repairs

If you’ve never had your furnace serviced or you’re experiencing heating issues, don’t hesitate to call the heating and cooling professionals at PPM Plumbing. When your furnace has problems, you’ll know it. As Orem’s leading furnace repair and plumbing service, we’re happy to diagnose any issues your heater may be experiencing and get it functional again for a very reasonable rate. Check out our furnace repair page for more information about what to look for when diagnosing a furnace issue or contact us today. We’ve served the state of Utah for over 40 years, and our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

Keep your furnace running reliably. Call us today.

Affordable Furnace Installations

Are you buying a new home or looking to replace your aging furnace system? We can help. We offer a wide range of the latest furnace and air conditioning units for very reasonable prices. Our team of licensed furnace technicians can give you an accurate estimate of cost and offer up the newest furnace and climate control systems that fit your needs and your budget. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we value our customers’ trust, so you can rely on us to always provide up-front pricing, clear communication, and service that’s second to none. Check out our furnace installation page for more information. When you want reliable home heating and cooling for the best possible price, there’s no better choice than PPM Plumbing.

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