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Residential and Commercial Plumbers & Electricians

Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been proud to provide South Jordan and all of Utah with our superior plumbing and HVAC services for over 40 years. Our team is here to serve you with residential and commercial solutions on all repairs, replacements, installations, and routine maintenance. Plus, all of our parts and labor services include a one-year warranty as we trust our work and installations. Learn about our wide range of comprehensive plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and drain clearing, and contact us today to schedule your HVAC appointment.

If you are experiencing a plumbing or HVAC emergency, don’t hesitate to call us. We provide 24/7 emergency response services.

Plumbing Professionals


We conduct everything from routine maintenance on commercial plumbing fixtures to in-depth installations and repairs and replacements on home plumbing systems. Our plumbing experts work on sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, showers, and everything in between. We stay up to date on the latest training, certifications, and have years of experience to bring you only the best for your space. Contact our team for your next plumbing need, including:

  • In-home and underground piping
  • Tankless and standard water heater services
  • Bathroom plumbing repairs and installations from showers and tubs to faucets
  • Any household appliance that uses plumbing, including clothes washers and dishwashers

HVAC Experts

Utah goes through different weather, which requires us to stay prepared with our heating and air conditioning. Routine maintenance is important to make sure your heating and air conditioning always work when you need it, keeping your space comfortable and safe. Our technicians are seasoned veterans in repairing, replacing and installing all types of HVAC systems for your residential or commercial space. We work with all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners. While we recommend routine, yearly maintenance on your HVAC system, we know accidents happen. Contact us today for services including:

  • Air Conditioning repair, replacement, and installation
  • Gas and electric furnace repairs and installations
  • Smart thermostat installation
  • Mini-split services
  • Whole-house humidifier sales, installation, and repair
  • Annual maintenance checks and services

Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning

Stopped and slowed drains can be more than just a headache – they can cause serious issues for your home or business’s plumbing system. Whether you have a clog in your home or tree roots have infiltrated your pipes underground, we’re here for you. We pinpoint the exact location of the clog using state-of-the-art technology and treat the problem at its source. Call us for drain and sewer line clearing services that include:

  • Clearing sink, tub, shower, and toilet drains
  • Locating sewer clogs
  • Sump pump repair

Contact Us Today

Whether your company’s furnace isn’t running efficiently or you have a clog in your home’s bathtub, contact Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We provide fast, efficient, and guaranteed work in residential and commercial settings. Call us today to schedule your HVAC, plumbing, or drain cleaning service in South Jordan.

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