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Pipe Maintenance Services in Utah County & Draper, UT

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your property’s pipes is incredibly important in preventing future damages and breaks. Parley’s PPM Plumbing Provides professional pipe maintenance services for Orem, UT residents. Just like taking your car in for an oil change and a tune-up, your plumbing system requires proper maintenance to help keep it running smoothly. Small problems can build up over time, causing a snowball effect leading to a costly repair or replacement. By hiring a professional plumber to conduct routine maintenance on your pipes, you gain peace of mind knowing you have a significantly less chance of your system breaking down. We offer many services regarding pipe maintenance and repairs. As always, we would prefer to help prevent issues, but we know accidents happen. In the event you do need our repair specialties, we’re here for you. Call us as soon as you spot an issue, as the longer you wait to fix a problem, the worse and costlier it becomes.



If left untreated over time, the pipes in your property will become weathered, creating cracks and potential for breaks. They can also become stopped up, preventing the efficiency of flowing water in and out of your home. If your pipes are beyond repair, it’s better to replace them. Repiping is one of the best services you can do for your worn-out or aging plumbing system. If you have found yourself calling plumbers again and again, it may be time to consider replacing your system rather than sticking another Band-Aid on the problem. Call us today to have us come take a look at your system. Our teams can help you determine if your plumbing system will benefit from repiping.

Water Line Repair

Your water lines connect all the appliances in your home to the main line that ultimately runs to the municipal system. It serves by allowing you to get fresh water and remove water through drains. These are constructed to stand up against the test of time, but they’re not unbreakable. They will require repairs and upkeep to avoid severe breaks. A break in your water lines can cause your home and property to flood, causing additional problems. There are many causes for damaged water lines, and we can help identify and fix them. Whether time and erosion have damaged your lines or tree roots invaded your pipes, we know how to deal with them.

Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe is more severe than a small leak. Burst pipes cause flooding and other damages to your property at a rapid rate. It’s important to call us immediately so we can fix the pipe and mitigate destruction associated. Pipes usually burst during the winter when the water in them freezes and expands, causing the rupture. Pressure such as this on the pipes can cause additional issues as well. Our teams have years of experience identifying and fixing burst pipes. We focus on permanent repairs rather than temporary fixes.

Preventative Pipe Maintenance Tips

While we’re experts in replacing and repairing plumbing systems, we want you to be able to avoid issues with these common tips. You can take preventative measures to prolong your pipes, such as:

  • Always turning on your water while running your garbage disposal
  • Never putting stringy or fibrous food wastes down your disposal such as celery, potato peels, and banana peels
  • Allowing cool water to run for at least 15 seconds to ensure food wastes are flushed correctly
  • Reducing bath and body oils from going down sinks and showers
  • Only flushing human waste and toilet paper down toilets
  • Regularly checking for leaks and testing drains for speed of drainage

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