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Orem, UT Boiler Repair Service

A boiler is a closed, pressurized vessel in which water or another liquid is heated. During this process, heat and energy are produced. Boilers have many applications in both residential and commercial settings, including heating, humidification, and hot water generation. Proper care, operation, and maintenance are essential to the efficiency, longevity, and safety of your boiler system; working with Parley’s PPM Plumbing offers you the benefits of an experienced and trustworthy plumber serving Vineyard, UT and the surrounding area.

boiler system

Boiler Safety Tips

Boiler safety plays an important role in the overall safety of your workplace. Following a few simple guidelines will help you maintain a safer heating and hot water system.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding boiler operation. Make sure employees responsible for the boiler wear proper protection and are familiar with operational procedures; they should also know the signs that boiler repair or maintenance is needed.
  • Keep the area around the boiler clean and inspect the boiler and any conduits or venting regularly for signs of damage or wear. Avoid storing any other items in the boiler area, as they could fall and damage the apparatus easily.
  • Regular inspections are required to ensure your boiler is operating properly and in good condition. You should also schedule regular maintenance for your boiler to improve performance and ensure your equipment remains in good condition to prevent breakdowns or hazardous situations.
man repairing boiler

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Boiler inspections are meant to identify damage, wear, or other safety hazards that must be addressed for continued boiler operation. A boiler that has been flagged during inspection must receive repairs before use of the boiler may resume. If a professional or informal inspection reveals areas of concern, it’s important to have your boiler repaired promptly by a qualified professional.

  • Heating or hot water problems indicate that your boiler is not functioning as it should. As soon as you notice a drop in boiler output, it’s time to schedule repairs.
  • Loud noises or vibrations emanating from a boiler can indicate high pressure or mineral buildup inside the tank. Both of these situations require maintenance and repair for continued safe boiler operation.
  • Leaks are also a sign that your boiler system needs repairs. If you notice an active leak or find standing water beneath your boiler, schedule an appointment with your plumber.

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Parley’s PPM Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services in Vineyard and throughout Utah County, including boiler testing and maintenance, water softener repair, and water heater service. You can contact us to schedule boiler or HVAC service for your home or business.

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