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Leave It to the Professionals

There are plenty of home maintenance and improvement projects that the avid do-it-yourselfer can undertake without a problem. However, plumbing repairs and installation are best left to professionals. If you try to fix the issue yourself, you may end up with a bigger problem on your hands. Fortunately, there’s a plumbing company in Orem you can trust with all of your plumbing needs: Parley’s PPM Plumbing.

Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues big and small can occur unexpectedly and without warning. By learning about the most common types of plumbing problems, you can be on the lookout for signs of trouble and contact the plumbers at Parley’s PPM Plumbing before things get any worse. Give us a call right away if you experience any of these common plumbing issues:

Clogged Drains

If the water in your sink, tub, or toilet is slow to drain or won’t go out, you either have a partial or complete clog in the drain. If your plunger can’t fix the problem, a plumber will need to snake the line to clear the obstruction. Video inspection and hydro-jetting are needed to effectively clear more stubborn drain clogs.

Low Water Pressure

Although low water pressure may be related to a problem in the municipal water supply line, a more common cause of this problem is a build-up of deposits or sediment on faucet aerators. If you still notice low water pressure after cleaning aerators and shower heads, let one of our licensed plumbers pinpoint the cause of your low water pressure.

Leaky Pipes

When it comes to pipe leaks, it’s the hidden leaks that you need to worry about most. Over time, even a small leak that goes undetected can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. If you notice mold or mildew growth or see that your water bill is going up incrementally each month, contact Parley’s PPM Plumbing and let us find the hidden leak before the damage gets out of hand.

plumbing issues

Household Leaks by the Numbers

Plumbing leaks, even small ones, should not be ignored or put off. Not only do leaky pipes cause your water bills to escalate each month, but they also waste one of the most precious elements on the planet.

  • More than one trillion gallons of water are wasted on household leaks annually.
  • The average household can leak as much as 10,000 gallons of water per year.
  • One drip per second wastes over 3,000 gallons of water per year.
  • 10 drips per minute wastes enough water for up to 60 dishwasher loads each year.
  • Fixing easily corrected water leaks can save up to 10 percent on water bills.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

For fast, effective plumbing service in Orem, contact Parley’s PPM Plumbing. Your customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and all of our repairs and installations come with full one-year parts and labor warranty. Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

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