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A greener home and a more sustainable lifestyle mean using fewer valuable resources and reducing waste associated with your everyday lifestyle. Today, there are many ways to go green with your plumbing system, from installing more efficient fixtures and appliances to making simple changes to your existing system to prevent leaks and energy loss. Regardless of your budget or the types of changes you want to make, your Orem plumber can help you reduce the impact of your plumbing system on the local and global environment.

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Before hot water can reach your tap, it must travel from your water heater through a series of hot water supply pipes. If these pipes are not properly insulated, some of the heat from the water will be lost during this journey. Lost heat translates directly into wasted energy, and can also lead to wasted water as you turn the temperature higher via the tap and wait for hotter water to emerge. Talking to your plumber about insulating your hot water pipes, especially those that travel near exterior walls in your home, is a simple way to instantly boost the efficiency of your water heater without making any other changes to your plumbing system.

Improve Your Water Quality

Hard water or water that contains certain chemicals can wreak havoc on your plumbing and your appliances. Water treatment solutions such as whole-home water softeners and water purifiers will not only improve the quality and safety of the water you drink and use throughout your home, they can also prolong the lifetime of your plumbing system. Plumbing that requires frequent replacement is both costly and wasteful, requiring additional resources to manufacture new parts every time you must purchase new piping, appliances, or fixtures. Using caustic drain cleaning chemicals to eliminate clogs that occur due to hard water buildup can also lead to contamination of your local environment and damage your plumbing, further shortening its lifetime. Taking steps to improve your home’s water quality will thus reduce the amount of waste associated with your home, as well as protect your environment by eliminating the potential for chemical contamination.

Install More Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

When it is time to replace elements of your plumbing, choosing high-efficiency and water-saving models is a simple way to reduce your energy and water usage without any further effort on your part. Your plumber can help you select the right high-efficiency features for your home, including water heaters, faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Many of these options offer even greater performance and convenience than the fixtures available in the past, increasing the value of your home and the ease of everyday life. Choosing plumbing products that meet your performance needs while saving water is one of the best ways to reduce your home’s water waste and lower your monthly bills, allowing you to reap long-term financial rewards as well as enjoy a greener lifestyle.

Are you ready to green your plumbing in Orem for lower monthly bills and a more sustainable home? Our plumbers will be happy to help you explore all your options, including the latest high-efficiency water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and more. You can reach us via our website for more information or to schedule home plumbing service in Utah, or click through our blog to find out how professional plumbing solutions will save you money and reduce the amount of water you use on a daily basis without sacrificing style or comfort.

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