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It’s bound to be another cold winter here in Utah. This means having a reliable furnace will be imperative to keep you and your family warm and comfortable all season long. Make sure your furnace is ready for winter by implementing these eight tips before cold temperatures arrive.

  1. Change the filter: To maintain proper airflow and prevent your furnace from overheating, check and change the filter according to the manufacturer’s directions. Basic filters should be checked once a month and replaced after no more than 90 days.
  2. Adjust the thermostat settings: It’s time to change from air conditioning to heating, so adjust your thermostat accordingly. If you don’t already have a programmable model installed, this could be a great time to upgrade. Smart thermostats are even more advanced, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere using your mobile device.
  3. Test the furnace: With your thermostat all set up, run the furnace for a few minutes before the first cold day arrives. This gives you a chance to check for loud noises, odd smells, or other signs your furnace needs repair before the season gets underway.
  4. Check return and supply vents: Make sure all registers are open and unobstructed by furniture, rugs, or curtains. Then, vacuum or dust the grilles to remove dirt and debris for better airflow.
  5. Inspect the exhaust vent: Gas and oil furnaces vent combustion fumes to the exterior through an exhaust vent. Make sure this is unblocked by snow, bird nests, or other obstructions that could cause backdrafting.
  6. Remove items stored around the furnace: While the utility closet may seem like a good storage space in the summer, now is the time to remove any combustible items sitting near the furnace to prevent creating a fire hazard.
  7. Test your carbon monoxide detectors: When operating correctly, furnaces vent CO gas to the exterior, where it harmlessly dissipates into the air. However, carbon monoxide detectors are critical for alerting you of any leaks resulting from an equipment malfunction. For peace of mind, test these devices installed throughout your house before you begin running your furnace regularly.
  8. Schedule preventative maintenance: This final tip to get your furnace ready for winter is the most important one. Preventative maintenance helps your furnace run safely and efficiently all season long and may even extend its lifespan. A professional inspection includes cleaning the furnace, checking for leaks, tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, testing for correct operation, and more.

For help preparing your furnace for winter, turn to Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We have over 40 years of experience performing furnace installation, replacement, and repair. You can trust our fully vetted, background-checked technicians to go above and beyond, no matter what heating services you need. To schedule a visit, please call 801-226-3033 if you live in Utah County, or reach us at 801-229-2665 if you’re a Salt Lake County resident. You can also contact us online with any questions you have.

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