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Tankless Water Heater Systems in Draper, UT

PPM Plumbing knows all about tankless water heaters. If you’re considering looking into one of these units, then look no further. We’re well educated in the latest things to hit the water heater world, and proud of it. We think they’re great for a lot of different reasons, especially because of how sophisticated they’ve gotten these days.

For starters, we’re huge fans of how much less waste is created by tankless water heaters as opposed to traditionally designed heaters. Most of these older designs mean you’ll be filling up a huge tank, usually 40 gallons or more, and constantly heating it to make sure you have hot water whenever you want it. That’s supposed to be the idea anyway. We don’t always get the hot water we’re looking for immediately when we have tanks because, well, life happens. Your kid might take an extra-long shower or maybe you must wash the dog, so you filled the tub. This means the tank then must refill itself then heat up again. Not so instant, right? Tankless water heaters are instant, something that those who own them are big fans of.

tankless water heater

Spend Less on Energy Bills with a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless heaters are also better for the environment. Most of the gas-fired tanks will end up wasting roughly 40% to 50% of the fuel it burns. While water heaters with tanks are cheaper to buy and install than their tankless counter parts, you do end up saving money in the long run because tankless water heaters outlast the eight to ten-year life span of traditional water heaters by a long shot. We’re talking 20 years or more. If that’s not something to get fired up about, then you might like the fact that you’ll save money on your energy bills. Who doesn’t love savings?

Take Advantage of Additional Benefits

We also love how compact tankless heaters are. Most tankless heaters are about the size of a suitcase and are mounted on the wall so they’re almost totally out of your way and you won’t have to worry about them toppling over during a natural disaster, etc. We also like that they’re much safer. You won’t have a flooded basement if one of these leaks, and they don’t provide the right environment for Legionella bacteria like old school water heaters do. They’re also designed so they can’t leak carbon dioxide into your home because their air supply and exhaust vents are sealed.

Another reason to consider tankless water heaters is if you own a vacation home. Tankless water heaters are a great option for homes that are not in use year-round because they’re very simple to winterize. Instead of the huge hassle of draining your gigantic tanked water heater, a tankless water heater only takes a few seconds (yes, seconds!) to completely drain. Then all you must do is unplug it and you’re good to go! How easy is that?

Which Tankless Water Heaters Do We Repair?

We repair all major brands of tankless water heaters, including:


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