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Tankless water heaters can provide endless hot water for the upcoming colder months. Taking up less space than a traditional water heater, tankless water heaters are a more convenient way to heat your water and can even reduce your home’s energy usage over an extended period of time. However, it’s often difficult to find a provider and installer for this effective alternative to traditional water heaters. As one of only two Navien tankless water heater dealers in Utah, you can replace your old, faulty water heater with PPM Plumbing and enjoy the benefits a tankless heater has to offer.

Save money with a tankless water heater

The main idea behind a tankless water heater is to install a system that instantly heats your water only when it is needed.

With a conventional water heater, the heated water is stored in a tank and continually heated to remain hot which, in turn, causes it to use much more energy to maintain this heat. This reservoir of heated water is constantly being cooled by outside air, requiring a significant supply of energy to remain hot. By only heating water when it’s in use, the energy required is limited to short bursts throughout the day, rather than continual use. This ends up saving you money on energy bills without having to change anything about your everyday routine.

The tankless water heater is extremely popular in Europe and Japan, but has only recently begun to gain popularity in the United States.


  • Save Money By Installing PPM Plumbing's Water Tankless Heaters
  • Repair Waters Heaters from PPM Plumbing at Orem, UT
  • Reduce Energy Usage by Installing PPM Plumbing's Water Tankless Heater
  • Tankless Water Heaters by PPM Plumbing at Orem, UT
  • Choose Right Tankless Water Heaters from Orem' s PPM Plumbing


One of only two providers in Utah

Because tankless water heaters are not very well known, PPM Plumbing is one of only two providers in Utah for installation of this system. We carry Navien tankless water heaters, a trusted brand that will last up to 10 years longer than a traditional water heater.

Similar to other appliances, tankless water heaters are measured by a variety of characteristics and ratings. Our team of licensed professionals can help find the perfect fit for you and ensure an easy and affordable installation by looking at the following things:

  • The gallons per minute in hot water delivered by your new tankless water heater. Our technicians will choose a heater that will provide the appropriate amount of hot water throughout your home.

  • The temperature rise measures the difference between the temperature of incoming water and the temperature of the hot water you want from your tap. This value can change depending on where your water originates and the weather outside, as well as your preferred hot water temperature.

  • You will choose from an option of an electric or natural gas tankless water heater. By choosing a unit that uses the same energy source as your previous water heater, you can reduce installation costs.

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