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Orem Sump Pump Installation Service

A flooded basement can cause extensive damage to your belongings and your home, creating a plumbing headache. Sump pumps provide both protection and peace of mind, working around the clock to prevent flooding and water damage in your home. If your basement, crawlspace, or lower floors are prone to water problems, it’s time to talk to your Orem area plumber at Parley’s PPM Plumbing about installing a sump pump system for your home.

sump pump

Why You Need a Backup Sump Pump

Sump pump installation creates a powerful line of defense against basement flooding. In addition to your main sump pump, a backup sump pump is recommended to ensure that your home stays dry in any type of emergency.

Your Main Sump Pump Is Powered by Electricity

This device draws power from your home’s electrical system to pump water out of your home once the water in your sump pit reaches a certain level. However, power failures are common during storms and flooding events, which are typically when you need your sump pump the most. If the power fails, your main sump pump cannot operate and your home is left vulnerable to water damage without a battery- or water-operated backup system.

Even With Functional Power, Your Main Sump Pump May Experience Problems

Lack of maintenance, increasing age, and accidental damage can prevent your sump pump from activating. A backup system ensures that your home is always safe from flooding and water damage, even if your main sump pump unexpectedly fails.

Sump Pump Installation Basics

Once you have found the right sump pump for your needs, installation by a professional plumber will ensure that it provides the protection you expect for your home. If you’re ready to discuss sump pump installation for your home in Orem, UT, call Parley’s PPM Plumbing for information about our plumbing services and products, including sump pumps, water softener systems, and water heater repair near Orem.

  • Sump pumps sit in a small, recessed pit called a sump pit, which is located in the lowest point in your home. These pits are approximately two feet deep and one to two feet wide.
  • A discharge pipe will be run through your home’s exterior to funnel water away when the pump activates.
  • Your sump pump may be submerged inside or located above the pit, depending on the type of pump you install. The pit itself will be covered with a solid piece of wood, metal, or plastic to keep debris out of the pit and prevent accidental damage or injuries.
  • Sump pumps require no special wiring; your pump can be plugged into any grounded outlet in the area for power.

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