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HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance Plans Start As Low As $10 a Month!

Our Four Seasons Protection Plans Include:
Priority service even during busiest times of the year, reminders for preventative maintenance visits, peace of mind, documentation, no risk guarantee!

Furnace Tune-Up Services Include:

  • Inspect heat exchanger for corrosion, separation, cracks or obstructions

  • Check and adjust gas pressure – Green sticker

  • Inspect blower motor and record amp draw

  • Inspect furnace cabinet

  • Inspect flame sensor or thermocouple

  • Inspect gas burners

  • Inspect burner ignition and assembly

  • Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, or restrictions

  • Inspect gas lines and connections

  • Check and program thermostat

  • Inspect furnace wiring assembly

  • Inspect and test capacitors

  • Inspect flue and venting

  • Check voltage and amperage

  • Check temperature rise across system for proper fan speed

  • Inspect readily accessible ducts for leaks

  • Check and replace 1” Filter

  • Check high limit control

  • Give diagnostic of overall operation of system

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services Include:

  • Check and replace 1” Filter

  • Inspect outdoor condenser coil

  • Inspect indoor evaporative coil (if accessible)

  • Check for adequate airflow

  • Check and record amp draw of condenser motor and compressor

  • Inspect fan blade for cracks or defects

  • Check refrigerant levels using super-heat or sub-cooling

  • Check and record operating pressures and temperatures

  • Inspect condensate drain lines

  • Check condensate pump operation

  • Inspect and test capacitors

  • Tighten contactor terminals

  • Inspect contactor points

  • Inspect wiring and electrical system

  • Inspect cooling system for loose parts or unusual vibration

  • Test and adjust air conditioner for peak operating efficiency

  • Check and Program thermostat

  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks

  • Give Diagnostic of overall operation of system

Plumbing Inspection Included at No Charge When Customer Tunes Up Their Furnace, AC Unit, & Humidifier Services Include:

  • Check and adjust water pressure regulator

  • Clean and check the water heater:

  • Temp & pressure relief valve

  • Efficiency

  • Clean aerators on all faucets in home

  • Check kitchen faucet for leaks and corrosion

  • Check water hardness

  • Inspect toilets:

  • Leaks

  • Proper flushing

  • Water seal

  • Adjust to manufacturers specs

  • Safety check your home

  • Check emergency valves

  • Check emergency shut offs

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