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Don’t leave a hardly working furnace burning for the cold, winter season. At PPM Plumbing, we provide heating-repair services for Orem, UT, and the surrounding areas at affordable rates. With over 38 years of experience and a team of licensed professionals, we can ensure that your furnace is working properly to heat your house all winter long.

Prepare for the fall and winter seasons

Your heating system is often the glue that keeps your house running when the colder seasons begin to creep in. Dealing with a broken furnace during the winter months can be excruciating for you and your family, especially if you’re without other methods of heating your home. A broken furnace can not only cause discomfort for all, but can also lead to further home maintenance problems, such as frozen pipes, or lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Providing inspections on your furnace can help prevent these issues, while adding years to the life of your heating system, and saving you money in future repairs.

Even with regular maintenance, there’s always a chance your heating system may need more in-depth repairs, which is why it’s important to hire professionals to thoroughly inspect your furnace before the cold weather starts. Watch for uneven heating in your home, such as wavering temperatures or heat that only reaches one level of the house, as loss of efficiency can hint at larger problems with the system. A sudden increase in the energy your furnace is using is another sign that it may not be working properly, as well as strange noises coming from the system. It can be tempting to ignore these warning signs, especially if they’re not too pronounced, but these problems will never go away on their own, and will only get worse until the issues are highly noticeable. Hiring a service technician is the only way to be positive that everything is working correctly with your heating.

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Professional installation and maintenance

As a Utah County family owned business, we value customer relationships just as much as we do effective and dedicated service. Our staff is highly trained to get your heating system up and running without spending a fortune.

Furnace maintenance is usually done every year, before the beginning of the colder months. Our technicians will inspect your heating system for any leaks or clogs, then review the ductwork to make sure the air being heated by your furnace is being properly delivered to all areas of the home. We can also install new furnaces, if it turns out that yours is too damaged to heat your house this winter.

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