Potential Problems Your Tankless Water Heater May Face

Tankless water heaters offer instantaneous hot water that never runs out. While these water heaters are extremely energy-efficient and long-lasting, they can sometimes develop problems that affect your home’s hot water quality or supply. If you’re experiencing a problem with your home’s tankless water heater, there may be one of many factors at fault. Your Orem plumber has the experience needed to deliver fast, effective water heater repair to resolve any issue with this important plumbing appliance to restore the hot water you need for daily comfort.

Water Flow Problems

One of the most common problems that affects tankless water heaters is a lack of hot water production caused by too little water flow through the appliance. Tankless water heaters incorporate a flow sensor, which measures the speed and pressure of water flowing through your plumbing to signal the water heating system when it is needed. If the water flow is too weak, the water heater won’t activate and you won’t receive hot water from the tap when you expect it. Insufficient water flow can be caused by many issues, including leaks, mineral buildup, or clogs in your plumbing system, drops in the water pressure coming from your municipal supply, and excessive water use elsewhere in your home at the same time, which can draw water pressure away from the line using the tankless water heater. Your plumber can evaluate the water pressure moving through your plumbing system to determine whether poor flow rate is the cause of your hot water troubles and how to solve it.

Sediment Buildup

Over time, buildup can develop inside your tankless water heater due to sediment inside your pipes or dissolved chemicals that naturally occur in the water flowing into your home. This buildup can have several effects on your tankless water heater, causing poor flow through the appliance or damage to its components, including the heat exchanger that is an important component of the water heating system. Poor flow through the water heater can result in either poor flow from your hot water tap, or excessively hot water that occurs regardless of your water heater’s thermostat setting. In many cases, poor flow due to sediment buildup can be resolved by adding a filter to the tankless water heater’s inlet, which captures particles as water flows into the unit. If your water heater has a filter installed, it must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging, which may also cause poor water flow. When scale buildup due to hard water occurs inside the water heater, it may affect the appliance’s ability to create hot water at all. Your plumber can flush the water heater to remove buildup and address any corroded or damaged parts to restore proper function.

Together with your plumber in Orem, you can keep your tankless water heater in great shape to get the maximum functional lifetime from this valuable investment for your home. You can find out more about our plumbing maintenance and repair services when you browse through our website , or click through our blog for more great plumbing and home comfort articles and advice.
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