A Quick Look at Heat Pumps

Traditional Orem HVAC systems use combustion or electric heating elements to heat your home in the winter, and a refrigerant-based cooling system to cool your home in the summer. While these HVAC solutions offer excellent performance and energy-efficiency, they are not your only home heating and cooling option. Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling via a single appliance, which exchanges heat between the interior of your home and the outside air to either heat or cool your home as needed. These systems have been in use for decades, but have only recently gained popularity as an effective and low-energy solution for home heating and cooling. Keep reading to find out more about heat pumps, including how they work and the benefits of considering one for your Orem home.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps work by exchanging heat between two sources. Like other types of air conditioning systems, air-source heat pumps use a refrigerant solution to facilitate this transfer. During the summer, your heat pump extracts the heat from your home’s indoor air and transfers it to the outside environment for cooling. In the winter, the heat pump can be operated in reverse to extract heat from the air outside and move it into your home for indoor warmth. Heat pumps are typically powered by electricity, and do not generate heat themselves as a side effect of function. These properties make heat pumps extremely energy efficient, allowing you to attain substantial heating and cooling savings when you install this type of HVAC system in your home. Heat pumps are available as traditional central forced air systems for use in homes with existing ductwork, but are also manufactured as mini-split ductless systems as well.

Major Benefits of Heat Pump HVAC Systems

Installing a heat pump in your Orem home offers several benefits. In most cases, a single heat pump can provide both heating and cooling, reducing the cost of installation and maintenance on your HVAC system. Additionally, heat pumps offer high-efficiency heating and cooling at low costs, allowing you to save significantly on the cost of both heating and cooling your home for year-round savings that can equal 30-40% over a traditional HVAC system in some cases. While heat pumps operate best in mild winter temperatures, hybrid heating systems can provide supplemental heat in temperatures that may affect the efficiency of the heat pump. Although a hybrid system incorporates a separate furnace for heating during very cold weather, this furnace is not under the same type of strain that a single-furnace system experiences, also reducing the overall cost of maintenance. Heat pumps are also fast and effective HVAC systems, providing excellent control over the interior temperature of your home. Because they run on electricity, there is no concern about fire hazards, combustion byproducts, or odors associated with heat pump use. If you experience symptoms associated with the dry air produced by a combustion furnace during the winter, using a heat pump can alleviate this discomfort because these systems remove little moisture from the air during the heating process.

Are you interested in learning more about how installing a heat pump can improve your comfort and energy savings at home? You can check out our heating and cooling services, including new system installation, when you visit our comprehensive website. We also encourage you to take a look through our blog for more tips on choosing the right HVAC system for your home’s year-round comfort needs.

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