Could Air Leaks Be Raising Your Cooling Bills?

During the summer, maintaining a cool and comfortable home is a top priority. However, there are many factors that can affect the efficiency of your cooling system, even if you’ve been diligent in scheduling air conditioning repairs and tune-up services. Air behaves much like water—your home’s air ducts transport air from one location to another just like your plumbing pipes transport water, while the exterior of your home acts as a container to keep the conditioned air produced by your HVAC system inside your living spaces. An air leak is any area that allows cooled air to escape from either your air conditioning system or your home; these leaks reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and subsequently raise the cost of cooling your home during warm weather.

Duct Leaks

One of the most common—but most difficult to identify—source of air leaks in the home is the ducts. Ductwork carries cooled air from your air conditioning system to the living spaces of your home, but when the ducts are compromised, much of this air can leak out into the interior spaces behind your walls, ceilings, and floors, where it does you and your family little good. Because some percentage of your AC’s output never reaches its intended location, your home will feel warmer and you’ll be more likely to turn down the thermostat, increasing the strain on your air conditioner and causing it to experience premature wear. The lower you set your home’s temperature, the more you can expect to pay in terms of cooling costs, even if you keep the thermostat only as low as needed to remain comfortable.

Ineffective Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping refers to a number of different products used to seal the gaps around windows and doors, ensuring a snug fit with their adjacent frames. When your windows and doors do not fit perfectly inside these frames, the resulting gaps can allow air to leak from your home into the outdoor environment. Even though these gaps may seem small and inconsequential, several small gaps can add up to considerable air—and energy—losses, particularly during the hottest times of the year when you rely on your air conditioner most. Even if your windows and doors are outfitted with weatherstripping, if the product has become aged, damaged, or dislodged, it may stop performing its job adequately and will still allow air to escape. Other areas that require weatherstripping include the places where pipes and vents exit or enter your home; these areas are often overlooked or forgotten when it comes to weatherstripping, leading to air leaks that can further raise your cooling bills over the summer.

Air leaks are small but serious issues that can affect home comfort and home cooling costs during the summer season. If you’d like to find out more about increasing home efficiency with our top-quality AC service in Utah County, please stop by our website to take a look at our full range of heating and cooling services, products, and solutions. You can also read through our blog for additional tips, advice, and information to keep your home comfort high and your energy bills low throughout the year.
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