Factors That Affect AC Efficiency

During the warm spring and summer months, you rely heavily on your home’s air conditioning system to keep your living spaces cool, comfortable, and healthy. An efficient AC system offers several benefits for your home, including lower energy bills and faster, more reliable results when you set your thermostat to cool. Understanding the factors that affect AC efficiency and how to recognize the signs that AC repair or service is needed in your Springville home will ensure you enjoy the many advantages of high AC efficiency throughout the cooling season.


The age of your air conditioning system can affect its efficiency in several ways. The average air conditioner is expected to last between ten and fifteen years; once your air conditioner reaches this age range, you can expect components to begin wearing out with increasing frequency as they reach the end of their functional lifetime. Furthermore, older air conditioners are simply not able to reach the same peak efficiency levels as more modern equipment, simply because the manufacturing standards and techniques incorporated into new air conditioners today were not available when an older unit was purchased and installed.

Maintenance History

The maintenance history of your air conditioner is also an important factor that affects its short- and long-term efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures that your cooling system remains clean, lubricated, and in good general repair, which in turn will keep its baseline efficiency high. By contrast, an air conditioner that has not been regularly maintained cannot achieve the same level of efficiency over time, as parts become dirty and worn and airflow issues increase general strain on the system. A poor maintenance history can cause serious efficiency losses over time, as well as increase the risk of an AC breakdown.

Thermostat Capabilities

Your thermostat is the control center and manual interface for your entire HVAC system, and the capabilities of your thermostat will significantly influence the efficiency of your air conditioner. A thermostat that is difficult to read and inconvenient to set will limit your control over your air conditioning system, causing it to work harder and more often than is truly necessary. This will in turn increase strain on the system over time, reducing its long-term efficiency. Alternatively, a programmable or learning thermostat that allows for easy temperature adjustments and energy-saving programs that limit cooling while you are away from home or asleep. These tools improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system and reduce overall strain on the system by requiring it to perform less cooling during certain intervals throughout the day.

Our AC service is dedicated to helping you enjoy greater home comfort and energy efficiency throughout the cooling season. Whether you need AC repair, replacement, or maintenance in Springville, UT, we have the tools, the experience, and the friendly service experts available to help. You can check out our full list of AC, heating, and indoor air quality solutions when you take a look through our comprehensive website , or click through our library of past blog articles for more home efficiency and comfort information.
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