How to Boost Your Furnace's Efficiency This Winter

An efficient furnace uses less energy or fuel to create heat for your home. Higher heating efficiency also means it is easier to heat your home to the temperature you desire, resulting in greater comfort in every room when the temperature outside drops. Regardless of the heating system you have installed in your Orem home, there are several ways you can boost your HVAC efficiency to spend less and enjoy improved heating this winter.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you haven’t had a chance to schedule your furnace’s annual maintenance service, it’s never too late to call in your Orem HVAC service for help. A professional inspection and cleaning is the easiest way to enjoy greater heating efficiency this winter—dirty components or a clogged filter can drastically increase the cost of heating your home and diminish your furnace’s ability to produce heat that will reach every room. If you’ve noticed any problems with your furnace, such as unusually loud operation or poor general heating performance, it’s also a good idea to let your HVAC technician know. Addressing issues as soon as you notice them will go a long way toward a more efficient and longer-lasting heating system.

Let the Sun Boost Your Furnace’s Performance
During sunny days, the light from the sun can act as a supplemental heating source for your home. When the weather is sunny, open your curtains in rooms that receive direct sunlight to take advantage of solar heating, which will lower the requirement placed on your furnace to heat your home to the level you desire. However, this strategy only works well if your windows are tightly sealed against the cold, so make sure to address drafty windows by repairing them with caulk or weatherstripping foam to keep cold air from entering your home. Additionally, close all your curtains or blinds at night—your window coverings will help to insulate your home against the loss of heat through the glass, which will also reduce the amount of work your furnace must do to keep your home comfortable after the sun has set.

Develop an Effective Heating Program

A programmable thermostat is a great tool that can help you save energy and reduce stress on your heating system. To take advantage of your thermostat’s features, develop a heating program that maximizes furnace function while you are home, then reduces the need for heating while you are away at work or other regular activities. Set your thermostat as low as you find comfortable while you are at home, then reduce the temperature by a few degrees during the hours you are away. However, it’s best to avoid setting your away temperature more than five degrees lower than the temperature you want while you’re home—requiring your furnace to heat up your home by more than five degrees when you return will increase strain and energy costs. Keeping your home within a few degrees of your desired set temperature at all times is the best way to achieve more effective and efficient heating throughout the winter.

If you need heating help this year, our HVAC experts are ready to provide heating maintenance, repair, or replacement in Orem. Our website has everything you need to know about our services, as well as out contact information when you’re ready to schedule an appointment; you can also read through our blog for more home comfort tips and tricks.
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