Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Furnace with a High Efficiency Model

Furnace technology has evolved over the years; today, homeowners can purchase high-efficiency furnaces that convert upwards of 98% of incoming energy into heat, offering low operational costs and little excess energy waste for a more comfortable home and a healthier environment. If you’re wondering whether it might be time to replace your current furnace with a new, high-efficiency model, there are a few signs that can help you recognize when it’s time to make the switch to a newer, more efficient home heating system.

Your Heating Bills Are Rising

One of the surest signs that your heating system can no longer meet your home’s needs efficiently is a noticeable rise in your heating bills. If you’ve discovered that you’re continually paying more to heat your home than in the past, it’s an indication that the overall efficiency of your current heating system is failing. As your furnace ages, even regular maintenance and repairs won’t make up for the fact that it can no longer produce the heat you expect at low cost. The best way to offset high heating bills permanently is to purchase and install a new high-efficiency furnace that will convert a greater percentage of incoming energy into heat for your home.

Your Home Is Too Cold

Another sure sign that your furnace is starting to fail and you should consider replacement with a high-efficiency model is a drop in home comfort. If you feel that your home has become colder over time or find yourself continually adjusting your thermostat, it likely means that your furnace is losing the ability to produce enough heat for your living spaces. A high-efficiency system will eliminate issues such as cold spots and poor overall heating to deliver more evenly-heated air throughout your home with greater speed and lower energy requirements. Many modern high-efficiency systems also incorporate variable-speed motors, which further increase the efficiency of your furnace for faster heating and quieter HVAC function.

Your Thermostat Is Ancient

The state of your thermostat is often a good indicator of the state of your furnace. If your home still employs a manual mercury-based thermostat, you will certainly benefit from upgrading your heating system and its controls. When you purchase a high-efficiency furnace, you’ll also receive a more advanced thermostat that is capable of providing finer control over your home’s comfort levels. When you can more accurately determine your home’s temperature, you’ll be able to make better heating choices and adjust your thermostat only as far as is needed to create the environment you want, helping you to save even more energy and reduce overall strain on your heating system for greater performance and a longer appliance lifespan.

Whether you need help selecting a new furnace or would like to schedule heating repairs for your Orem home, our knowledgeable HVAC staff has the solutions you need for efficient home heating. We invite you to take a look through our other blog articles for even more information about heating and cooling technology, or click through our website to explore our comprehensive heating services and home comfort products.

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