How Do Air Conditioners Work?

If you live in a part of the country where the summers are uncomfortably warm, you know how useful an air conditioner can be. But do you know how air conditioners work? If you own an air conditioner near Orem, you will be amazed by how simple the process is. Be sure to contact your local HVAC professional if you have concerns about your system’s condition, or to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance or air conditioner repair.

The Origin of Modern Air Conditioners
Invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902, the first modern unit was designed to help control the humidity levels at Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company—a printing plant located in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier devised a system that blew the building’s warm air over freezing-cold pipes, which absorbed the heat in the air and lowered the ambient temperature. Since colder air does not retain moisture as warm air does, the humidity levels dropped. The fringe benefit of Carrier’s system—cooling the air—became what is known as air conditioning today.

How Air Conditioners Basically Work
How Do provo Air Conditioners WorkModern air conditioners work the same way refrigerators do; but instead of cooling a small, contained area, air conditioners are able to cool large areas such as an entire office building. They work by transferring heat from the inside to the outside, and use chemicals called refrigerants—a liquid substance that can transform from a liquid phase to a gas phase and then back again—that absorb the heat from within an interior space, which lowers the air’s temperature. The refrigerants change from liquid to gas, and are then compressed. The high-pressured gas travels to the condenser via the expansion valve where it is turned back into its liquid state as heat dissipates from it. The cooled liquid is then returned to the evaporator to cycle again.

The Major Parts of Air Conditioners
Modern air conditioners are composed of four major parts: an evaporator, a condenser, an expansion valve, and a compressor. The evaporator is a cold, coiled structure that receives the refrigerant. The condenser enables the heat transfer of the unit. The expansion valve connects the evaporator to the condenser, and controls the flow of the refrigerant. The compressor is an electric pump used to pressurize the liquid refrigerant.

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