When Should I Get My Heater Repaired or Replaced?

An effective home heating system is an important contributor to your comfort during the winter. When heating problems occur, it’s important to determine whether repairing or replacing your heater is the best solution in terms of cost and efficacy. Your heating expert in Orem will be happy to provide you with the relevant facts about your heating system and its condition to help you make the right choice when you must decide between repairing or replacing your heater.

When to Repair Your Heater

In most cases, heating problems can be solved easily and quickly with simple repairs. Any time you notice a drop in your heater’s performance or a spike in your utility bills, it’s best to call your HVAC service to evaluate your heater and determine whether cleaning or repairs are needed. As your heater functions, it can accumulate dust and dirt, which can clog the system and hinder airflow, increasing the amount of work your heater must do to warm your home. When parts become dirty or worn, they’ll need cleaning and replacement, as well as lubrication, to restore proper heating function. Your home heating technician will always tell you the results of his evaluation and his repair recommendations, as well as the cost of the repairs. If your heater is in good shape and all that’s needed is a cleaning or replacement parts to restore high efficiency, making these repairs is the best solution to keep your system running.

When to Replace Your Heater

The average furnace can be expected to last between 15-20 years; heat pumps typically last about 15 years as well. If your heater is experiencing problems or has been suffering from a general decline in efficiency regardless of maintenance and repairs, and it is also reaching the end of its expected service lifetime, it may be in your best interests to consider replacing it rather than making continued repairs. Heating repairs are meant to be small actions that bring your heater back up to full function—when constant repairs are needed and they can no longer restore the efficiency you want from your heating system, it’s time to replace the system with a new model. Additionally, when the cost of repairs amounts to more than half the cost of installing a new system, it’s also a good idea to consider the benefits of replacement. Replacing an older system will not only eliminate the need for further repairs, it will also increase the overall energy efficiency of your home, as newer HVAC systems can offer better heating with less energy waste than models manufactured more than ten years ago. Your heating expert will also help you determine whether it’s best to replace your current heating system with the same type of equipment, or whether you could benefit by switching to a different type of heater altogether for improved comfort and even greater energy savings.

If you have questions or concerns about home heating in Orem, our experienced staff is here to help. We offer complete home comfort services, including new system installation and HVAC troubleshooting to keep your home comfortable and efficient throughout the year. You can find out more about the heating, cooling, and plumbing services we offer on our website , or read through our blog for more tips on maintaining a comfortable home.
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